Insert a property to the jsPsych data store




Name/value pairs


A list of data values to add to the data store


The intention behind insert_property() is that it be used when adding new columns to the jsPsych data store. This can be done in two ways. First, it can occur as part of the call to build_experiment(). Including an argument of the form column = insert_property(column_name = "constant value") will insert a new column to the jsPsych data store whose value is "constant value" in every row.

The second possible way to use it is during a call to a trial_ function. Including an argument of the form data = insert_property(column_name = "this value") will insert "this value" as the value for the current row only.

Note that, at present insert_property() simply returns a named list of its inputs. In future versions of jaysire it may have more functionality, but at the moment it is simply a call to list()