Create a Likert question

question_likert(prompt, labels, required = FALSE, name = NULL)



the prompt for the question


the labels on the Likert scale


is a response to the question required?


a convenient label for the question


A question object to be passed to trial_survey_likert().


The question_likert() function is designed to be called when using trial_survey_likert() to construct a survey page that contains Likert scale response items. When rendered as part of the study, the text specified by the prompt argument is shown to the participant, with a set of ordered categories displayed along a horizontal line. The labels for these categories are shown beneath the line, and the participant responds by selecting a radio button that is placed along the line. If required = TRUE the participant will not be allowed to continue to the next trial unless an answer is provided.

The name argument should be a string that provides a convenient label for the question. If left unspecified, jsPsych defaults to labelling the questions within a survey page as "Q0", "Q1", "Q2", etc.

See also

Survey page trials are constructed using the trial_survey_text, trial_survey_likert, trial_survey_multi_choice and trial_survey_multi_select functions. Individual questions for survey trials can be specified using question_text, question_likert and question_multi.