Deploy a jspsych experiment on google app engine

run_googlecloud(path, experiment_folder = "experiment", project_id)



Path where the experiment is deployed


Experiment subfolder


the google app engine project id


The purpose of the run_googlecloud() function is to make it somewhat easier to deploy a jsPsych experiment to Google App Engine, so that the experiment can run in the cloud rather than on the local machine. The path and experiment_folder arguments specify where the experiment should be deployed, and should be the same that was used when calling build_experiment()) to build the experiment originally. The project_id is the name of the Google App Engine project that will host the experiment.

At present, the functionality of run_googlecloud() is quite limited. All it does is construct the appropriate command that you will need to enter at the terminal. It does not execute that command, nor does it assist you in creating the Google App Engine project itself (it is assumed that the user already has a Google Cloud account and is authorised to deploy to the project)

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