The goal of jaysire is to provide a method for writing behavioural experiments in R that can be deployed through a web browser. The package relies on the jsPsych library by Josh de Leeuw (GitHub page) to create the experiments, and is structured so that functions in jaysire use the same argument names as the corresponding jsPsych functions. For the most part, function names in jaysire are organised around families that share a common prefix. For example, the trial_ family is used to define individual trials within an experiment, build_ functions construct more complex entities, and so on. See the reference page for the complete list of all functions.


The jaysire package has not been released on CRAN, but you can install it directly from GitHub using the following commands:



The name “jaysire” is a phonetic transcription of “j-psy-R”, reflecting the fact that it adheres closely to the design principles used in the jsPsych javascript library.