Insert input as path to a resource file

insert_resource(file, type = NULL)



A character vector of file names


A character vector of file types (if NULL, type is guessed from file extension)


A character vector of file paths specified relative to the location of the main "index.html" file for the experiment.


The insert_resource() function is designed to take a vector of filenames as input (the file argument), categorise files depending on their type ("audio", "video", "image", "script", "style" or "other") and construct the path to where those files will end up in the final experiment.

The logic for including this functionality is as follow. Because jsPsych experiments are designed to run through the browser rather than within R, the jaysire package incorporates "resource files" in a slightly complicated way. Resource files here are divided into several categories because the experiment has to incorporate them in different ways: the code for handling images is different to the code for handling audio files or video files, and both are different to how scripts and style files are loaded. As a consequence, the build_experiment() function needs to know what kind of file each resource corresponds to in order to construct the experiment properly.

When using jaysire, the insert_resource() function is generally used when building trials, and serves as a kind of "promissory note" to specify where the relevant files will be when the experiment is constructed using build_experiment(). In contrast build_resources() is generally used when calling build_experiment(), and is in essence a set of "instructions" that build_experiment() can use to ensure that this promise is kept.

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